Technomad is a private company owned by Adi Yarkoni and Shmuel Shlos, who are active General Managers of the company.

The company is committed to its customers and strives to fulfill their needs to the utmost satisfaction in the entire array of its activities.

Effective 1996, the company was granted a certification of The Standards Institution of Israel for ISO 9002 standard and in 2004 the quality assurance system of the company was upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
The implementation of the standard in the company assures every customer and user a strict control on all of the supply and service processes while maintaining historical records of the entire company's activities.

We shall be glad to see you among our customers

The company's Owners
Adi Yarkoni & Shmuel Shlos

Dear Customer
As a professional who is meticulous about the reliability and quality of the production processes in the plant, you surely know to appreciate the importance of the implementation of the Measurement and Control equipment in the production facilities.
In order to ease on you the process of selecting the Control Instruments and the necessary maintenance of the equipment installed in your plant, we have established a professional website divided into main Control topics enabling you to select the most suitable equipment out of a range of options.

Technomad Industrial Instruments and Control Ltd. was founded in 1979 and it exclusively represents in Israel over 20 leading foreign suppliers in the sector of Measurement and Control. The company specializes in providing services and supplying Measuring and Control Instruments for the process industry, controlled production facilities, laboratories and research institutes.

Technomads' Management


Adi Yarkoni, CEO

Shmuel Shlos, CEO